This page contains articles which are related to learning disabilities. If you have read or come across articles or books on learning disabilities, please let us know so that we can post them on this page for the benefits of parents who have children with learning disabilities. Kindly specify the source of your information.



What do you know about Learning disability?

Mdm Lim Saw Giak-Former director of SPD, M'sian Care

The facts about Down Syndrome

Persatuan Sindrom Down Malaysia
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Signals of Learning Disability

The Star - Fitforlife, Sunday 12 Oct 03
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What is autism?

Sourced from The National Autistic Society, London and 'Autism', a booklet produced by the Autistic Association Singapore.
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What is mental health?

Provided by Malaysian Mental Health Association


Provided by Ms Tan Sun Sun

Autism by NASOM

Provided by NASOM

Articles and videos on Learning Disabilities

An archive of information sourced from the internet by Mr. C H Chng, a parent of a son with Autism

Fine Motor Skills Training - Package for Trainers

National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped

Framework of Understanding Persons with Multiple Disabilities

Fr. Adam Gudalefsky, M.M. and Sis. Concepcion Madduma, I.C.M. - Educators in the Disability Field. Their tagline is - Normal people who happened to be slow

ICTs in Education for People with Special Needs

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization -