“Partners in Enterprise ”

The way forward is for the Society to be self-reliant. In this regard, we adopted the “Partners in Enterprise” strategy in late 2000 Under this program, we will seek out business projects, working in collaboration with companies, to create employment opportunities for persons with learning difficulties and also to generate income for the Society.

As parents, our endeavours are for our special children to attain independence, have a sense of dignity and self-worth and be useful members of our society and country. 


The Rotary Club of Pudu played a pivotal part in kicking start this project on 28th October 2002. They donated an industrial washer and a dryer. Subsequently, this project gained the much needed support. Proton donated a 25kg washer and P K Chan & Friends a dryer. In 2005, The Rotary Club of Pudu donated another washer and dryer. Initially, Pearl International Hotel was our sole client but later in 2005, with the help from the Department of Human Resources, we also wash for Mines and Resort Hotel.

By 2005, the Laundry Project was able to support itself with one full-time staff and 3 workers.

A Joint- Laundry Operation - Yet to be Launched

With almost 7 years of experience operating our laundry, PERKOBP is now embarking on operating a joint-laundry operation with another NGO. We want to help establish more laundry outlets run by NGOs over time. We believe this is one vocation where persons with learning difficulties can earn a living for themselves.


The purpose of launching this project is to give persons with learning difficulties the opportunity to learn to live in a group home environment and also to offer respite to their parents or guardians. We have set up our first group home on 3rd February 2004 in Puchong.

We started with 6 residents and a house guardian. At the end of 2006, the number of residents still maintained.

Feedbacks from parents of our residents were positive and encouraging.


HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad has helped us to set up our Bakery Training Centre which was officially launched by Ms Elizabeth Wee, Head of Public Affairs on 10th June 2004.

We make a variety of bakery items as well as savoury items to cater for all needs.


In order to provide an outdoor activity for our trainees, The Organic Garden was launched by our regular supporter Mr P K Chan on 14th January 2006 . The garden produces organic vegetables like red and green bayam, choy sum, long bean, small bitter gourd, okra, egg plant, chilli etc. The produce is sold to members.


This project was mooted to meet the needs of our trainees who could not adapt into our existing vocations. Over time, we discovered that some of our trainees needed a less challenging vocation - involving more gross motor skills.

We were very fortunate that United Parcel Service Foundation (UPS) came forward to sponsor this project. They funded all our purchases of equipment and accessories required to make recycled paper. The Cheque Presentation Ceremony was held on 16th Dec 2008 by Mr Andy Connelly, Senior VP, South District UPS Asia Pacific.

Adopting a different approach to make paper from recycled paper, we hope to make this a training model to help other NGOs upgrade their operations. We will in due course share our experiences through a training video.. We believe this is one of the ways for NGOs to become self-reliant. Besides having a meaningful activity for their trainees/clients, they will also be able to generate an income by selling the products.

This project is yet to be launched due to limited space in our present rented premises. The project will be launched at our new premises.


We are now embarking on our most interesting and challenging project since our inception. Thanks to our regular supporters and sponsors, we managed to purchase a ¾ acre leasehold land to construct our own building.

We have lined up a few fund raising activities to raise the money to construct our 2-storey building under Phase I. We pray that we will be blessed with good fortune to see the completion of our building before end 2012 .

As a registered Society managed solely by Families of Persons with Learning Difficulties , PERKOBP hopes to become a model for other families to come together to provide direct care for their special children. As parents, want to be actively involved in providing loving care for our children and lead by example.