Over the last 14 years, our Training Centre at 6.5 Mile Jalan Puchong has empowered many persons with learning difficulties to be useful and productive workers and more self advocatory. Many families have also benefited from our services.

In 2008, PERKOBP bought a three-quarters acre land at Kg. Tengah, adjacent to Putra Heights for the the purpose of building our own centre. It would complete in Two Phases. We need to raise RM1 million for both construction and furnishing costs of our Phase I new building.

You can help us by either:

1. Donate to us by cheque/bank draft

Kindly make your cheque/bank draft payable to: PERKOBP BUILDING FUND and mail to our registered address:


2. Bank in direct to our CIMB account

You can also bank direct into our CIMB account: 8003 549926 and fax your bank-in slip to our Fax/Tel: 03-8076 9835

Why Need Own Building?

Provide more holistic services
Plan to establish a Daycare Centre for persons with learning difficulties who need special care and to provide respite care for their caregivers.

Provide hostel facilities
Group Home can be integrated into the whole program whereby residents learn and experience independent living.

Benefit more Persons with Learning Difficulties
New building has space to accommodate more trainees which would resolve the problem of our long waiting list.

Provide more vocations
A bigger work space will allow more varied work skills to be introduced into the Sheltered Workshop.

Provide better facilities
A larger Sheltered Workshop that is more conducive to work and has better facilities for the trainees and workers.

Long-term Planning and Continuity
Long-term planning is more feasible without fear of interruption caused by relocation. Trainees and workers enjoy a stable working environment.

Layout Plan of New Building

Layout plan