Mid-autumn festival is a day when the whole family members would come together and celebrate unity. It is a day of joy and fun for every one.

PERKOBP likewise is a big family with the trainees working and living like siblings. It is appropriate that they have time to share and interact and make fun to experience the spirit of unity and harmony.

Parents supported such idea and contributed both money and food for this occasion.

The party started at 2.30pm for one quarter an hour. Food was aplenty. For mid-autumn festival, the must have are mooncake, groundnuts, taro, different type of jelly, etc.

The event was capped with the singing of birthday song to those born in September and sharing of the birthday cake.

All the trainees had a good time, eating and chit chatting with friends and teachers.

Mid autumn Festival

September was Hon Wai and Albert Wong's birthday