Special Olympics of Selangor
Saturday, 01 November 2008

"Girl, girl where are you"? Cried an anxious mum. "Brushing my teeth mum," came the reply.

"Ai Ya...no need to wake up so early girl.....its only 3.30 am.....go, go back to sleep good girl, mummy will wake you up at 5.30......OK"?

"Cannot sleep lah.............."

The 3rd Special Olympics Selangor State Games was held on Saturday, 1st November 2008 at Uniten stadium, Kajang.

As early as 6.00am the stadium was abuzz with volunteers, coaches, care-takers and athletics dashing about their chores......some in clutches, some on wheel chairs, some struggling hard to climb up the steep stairs to their seats, while still some were lost in their own world...there were lots of excitement and laughter and cajoling around.....

By 8.00 am there was the Opening ceremony. Athletes from the various organizations proudly marched with great enthusiasm, showing off their home flags and their marching skills. Athletes were divisioned by age groupings.

"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."

What a noble concept for the Special Olympics.

SOS was fantastic and the crowd of 300 plus, athletes, parents and well wishers did a very good support work to make the event a great and "feel good" success. The SOS was a very special way of showing love, a meaningful expression and touching experience for many.

Athletes parading the field with great enthusiasm. On the foreground is Albert Wong and he is all smile and full of confidence
We are the champions! I believe I can!

The participants were there not to win, but simply to take part in the various events...you could see some were real champions from the onset.....running like any normal Olympian champions...some were just struggling and making a great effort just to complete the race. Some stood back to wait for their friends to catch up and unfortunately their friends they waited for, ran pass them to the finish line!!!...one particular runner ran so fast at the 100m that he noticed no one following behind, suddenly he stopped short of the finishing line....vroooom the others shot pass him to the finishing line, then and only then did he went forward, so near yet so far!!!!!....some ran as though they were in a fashion parade...waving to the spectators and friends...you could see parents and supporters shouting and screaming at the top of their voice urging the athletics to run, run, run...these were hilarious moments, lots of fun,...all in all everybody had a smile on their faces and everybody was happy especially the athletes themselves.

I believe I can!

The above is a vivid description of the SOS by one of our parents Mr. Peter Wong.

Albert Wong, our trainee, proudly shows off his Gold Medal (Shot Putt) and Silver Medal (100m)
MIB baking for Japan Charity Bazaar
Saturday, 08 November 2008

It was a sunny Saturday, a group of volunteers gathered at MIB to prepare a variety of bakery products for our Society. These products would be offered for sale at PERKOBP's stall at the Japan Charity Bazaar held in Nikko Hotel the next day.

This activity was made possible through the effort of Kyoko san, our head of Bakery Training Section. We are very grateful to Mr. Don Yong, the CEO of MIB for sponsoring all the materials, baking and packaging of these bakery products. He was very kind to let us use his shop for the activity.

We are also thankful to all the volunteers for coming forward to help. Some of these volunteers were Kyoko's MIB classmates, her friends, MIB graduates and MIB staff. We also had 4 volunteers there: Peggy, Siew, Mei Ling and Jessica.

The almost 1-day job started at 9am. Though there were always a few products being prepared at the same time, it was very well coordinated and full participated. Every one seemed to enjoy the work.

By 3pm, all the items were baked and packed except some which needed to be baked fresh the next morning. Again, Mr. Don Yong had very kindly undertake to keep the items, bake and package for us the next morning.

Volunteers busy at work.
4 volunteers from our centre
Japan Fiesta & Charity Bazaar
Sunday, 09 November 2008

This year, thanks to the many volunteers, we were able to offer a wide range of products for sale at the Japan Fiesta & Charity Bazaar held in Nikko Hotel on 09Nov08.

We had apron, waste bin cover, batik flower, cloth coaster, bookmark, and an assorted bakery items, etc.

The Bazaar started at 9am and visitors were getting more towards lunch time at noon. We were very forutnate to have Devi Yamuna, Lim Lean Ee, Nukui Satoko, Grace and Kyoko to man the stall. These 5 ladies had to tough it out by standing the whole day! They were doing a fantastic job serving the customers and answering queries about the Society. The good thing was, they seemed to enjoy every moment of it!

Participating in this Bazaar is important to us. Besides raising fund through sales of products, it also served as an awareness

promotion event. We hope more people would undertand better the capabilities and needs of persons with learning difficulties and come forward to support them.

When the closing bell rang at 3pm, all batik flowers and bakery products were snapped up. Though the stall ladies were rather tired, they were happy to know that we did much better than last year.

Left: A group photo of volunteers and staff

Top: Kyoko (left) explaining to customers during the rush hours