Through the help of our new member Kyoko san, this year we were happy to be able to take part in the annual Japan Club Charity Bazaar held at the Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

For this Bazaar, Kyoko san and our volunteers had made some beautiful batik flowers, Santa napkin rings, coasters, etc; Wong Kar Lun, our trainee, had also painted some bamboo vases. Our Bakery Section had also made 5 kinds of products.

Besides raising some fund for the Society, the Bazaar was also a venue for the public to know about our activities and the abilities of persons with learning difficulties.

We are grateful to Japan Club for allowing us to participate in the Charity Bazaar.

Right: Chng and Kyoko manning our stall at the Charity Bazaar

Training Centre Burglared

Thursday, Friday 22-23 November 2007

Our Training Centre at Puchong Road was broken into by burglars on two consecutive days 22 & 23Nov07. On 22Nov07 we found that a hole was cut out from the ventilation wire net below the roof of our Sheltered Workshop. A compact digital camera was stolen. Before we could mend the hole, the next morning we were shocked to see the door leading to the laundry section cut open (see top picture)! The burglars broke all the locks to the rooms and took away all stainless steel items from the Bakery Section (wash basin, tables, trays, mixing bowl, rotors, etc), Store (few units of sealing machines) and Kitchen (cabinet, pots, kettles, etc). The loss was estimated to be around RM6000. Prior to these incidents, the centre was broken into on two occasions since beginning of 2007.