It was a beautiful Sunday morning. There was soft sunlight with light breeze to greet the SCI members coming to the centre for another work session on 20May07.

Nurul together with Fong, Aisyah and Isabelle were first to arrive at 9.10am . Then came Stephen, Sue and their daughter Maria. Marco said he came early after seven o'clock but lost his way. He tried to borrow a phone to contact Stephen but no one would lend him one. Shortly after that John and his lovely wife, Rosalind arrived.

Nurul was kind to bring sandwiches and roti canai for breakfast while Aisyah brought her indispensable coffee. Over a cup of coffee, I was sharing with these volunteers the tenure of stay for our centre and some recent renovations to improve the facilities.

For this work session, my wish list to Stephen was a short one. Mainly to turn the compost heap and complete the one item left out in the previous session, i.e. clear the weeds in the front garden and line up the pot plants.

Work started on the compost heap at 10.10am . The heap measured 17-18 inches, a reduction of 2 – 3 inches after 8 weeks. While most of the workforce was on the compost heap, Marco, Fong and Isabelle were sweeping the compound.

Jon and Aisyah doing a duet on the heap. They were more than enough to compact the heap :-))


Top left: Nurul, Aisyah and Stephen working on the heap while Maria held the pole upright

Top middle: Wow.. not as easy as I thought.........

Top right: Hi, see how hard working I am!

Visitors from Sekolah Taman Desa

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

A team of 30 students and 10 teachers from Sekolah Khas Taman Desa came to visit our centre.

It was an exposure trip for the students, giving them an opportunity to see the various vocational activities in which they could also participate.

The visitors were divided into 2 groups led by Yus and Chng who walked them through the centre.

Quite a number of our trainees came from Sekolah Khas Taman Desa. So our trainees were very happy to meet their teachers and school mates.

Some students were quite interested in the packing task and eager to demonstrate their skill.


Top right: Students from Taman Desa trying out their hands on the packaging job.

Top middle: A teacher was quite amused by the teaching session in the Bakery Section.

Top right: "Bye, bye, teacher. Hope you will come back and see me again," said Indran.