SCI, KL & FT Workcamp III
Sunday, 16 March 2008

At 7 o'clock in the morning, the sky looked gloomy and cloudy, threatening a heavy rain. Luckily an hour later the sun broken through the clouds, accompanied by light breeze, and announced a day good for outdoor activities. The day SCI members chose to work at PERKOBP.

This is the third consecutive year SCI, KL & FT arranged another work camp at our centre.

Sue came the earliest before nine o'clock and with her breakfast was ready for those who arrived soon one after another. Half an hour later, under the able leadership of William Leam, the 16 members present were assigned the various tasks and started working.

Woking together gets things moving faster

KY Tan took over the cleaning of the containers top with Alan helping on the ground. That should be easy for Tan as he was doing the same task last year with Stephen Nah. Two adorable teenagers, Gavin and Briginda, Sue's neighbors, were busy carting away the garbage with a wheel barrel.

Fong, Sharon and Joey busied themselves weeding the slope. It was amazing that they didn't roll down the slope, apparently due to their superb skill of balance! And they did an excellent job.

William and C.Y and CH Chng took over

the toughest task: clearing the front garden. The digging of cangkul and slashing of parang plus lots of sweat for 2 hours ensured the desired outcome.
The rest of the ladies, Nurul, Aminah, Esther, made sure the compound was clean and neat. Then we had Marco, a person of great strength and compassion. Marco had swollen legs. This morning he got down from the wrong bus stop and had to walk for a long, long distance. After a short rest, he took out his own lili-broom and joined in the sweeping. Seeing him working steadily was quite inspiring. He is indeed a good example of volunteerism.

Lunch was served at noon . The good dishes were prepared by Sue and Mrs. Fong. Of course, there was the branded Sue's curry chicken! There was also gandum porridge as dessert from Jessica Soong.

William Leam chaired a small discussion reviewing the day's work and also had a short discussion on “Value of Volunteering”.

We are very grateful to those who came to help out and also to SCI, KL & FT for agreeing to help for three consecutive years. They had completed all the tasks set out with full satisfaction as evidenced in the following pictures.

Thanks again, SCI members. Hope to see you again next year. Keep up with the good work and spirit.

Before: garbage strewn around
After: so neat and clean
Before: leaves on roof
After: voila! Sparkling clean

Before: yuk.. all in a mess
After: so nicccceee….to look at

Before: aiyah.. still got so much to pull out ….
After: a slope free from weeds