Family Day Organized by Four Students of Monash University

Friday 8 January 2010

This year, we had four bright and jovial second year medical students from Monash University to do their Community Based Practice Programme. They were Jian Yuan, Nicholas Hee, Jun Yet and Michele Tey Shi Ying.

Besides carrying out a very good job of capability study of all our trainees, they also organized a Family Day for our trainees and their parents.

Though held on a working day, there were still many parents present in support of this events. There were games so devised that every trainee was able to participate in each game, though some with guidance from the volunteers. The important thing was every one was happy, excited and enjoying the activities.

We are grateful to the students from Monash University for organizing the first Family Day for PERKOBP.

Top: The flow of the game was controlled by the traffic sign "Stop" and "Go" which was quite a unique way of organizing a game

Right: A trainee focusing on playing the game











A game in progress. A row of participants picking up the correct food from the basket