2008 New Year Party
Saturday, 12 January 2008

2008 has come! After one whole year of hard work, It is time to pamper ourselves with some nice food and a couple hours of fun time. All our members and their special need children are invited for our annual New Year Party where it is a good platform for parents to mingle and renew acquaintance.

This year, each special need person was given a door gift from a sponsor. Pat Lau was very kind to bring along few crates of mandarin oranges, enough to give two to each PLD.

Instead of the usual satay, this year Mrs Lim introduced fried prawn skewer; skewered sausage and quill egg; ketupat with curry chicken. Staff Yus displayed her culinary skill by cooking her Italian pasta. Of course, there were many more dishes and desert items.

Every one liked KFC. Our sincere thanks to KFC management for providing us with the 'finger-licking' fried chicken.

Come, come... lots of delicious food

After food was fun time. All the trainees enjoyed dancing or some sort of body movement to dispense their seemingly inexhaustible energy. They could have danced all night if the music was not stopped!

Musical chair was an exciting game. Every participant was both tensed and excited. The 7 winners each earned a present.

Gift exchange capped the events of the evening. It was such a good feeling to exchange what you like for a mystery gift from one of your friends.

Musical chair - every one was ready to rush for a seat
Choy Hoong posed with Yus after receiving a gift from the latter.