Weng Chung and a Volunteer Jessica working on the compost heap



The 2nd compost heap was built with the help of SCI members on 25March07. The 1st turning was done on 30Apr07 and the 2nd turning 20May07. After that it was left to mature for 6 weeks.

On 4Jul07, Jessica decided to turn it again with the help of two trainees Wen Chung and Teo Hun. Both of them liked outdoor activities.

The turning was done very smoothly with Jessica guiding both trainees. All grass cuttings had decayed well

except leaves which were still only partially decomposed. Twigs and branches were not affected at all, so they tried to pick them out.

It took an hour to complete the work. There was little difference between initial and final height of the heap measuring 17".

Wen Chung and Teo Hun were very happy with a job well done!

Making of Batik Flowers

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

One warm afternoon in July, Kyoko san, Perkobp's supporter, brought along her friend Takehana san to teach some of our parents the technique of making batik flowers. It was very generous of both ladies to share their skills with others. There were 10 excited parents eager to learn how to turn common rags into beautiful flowers.

Both Takehana san and Kyoko san proved to be very skillful and patient teachers. Their agile fingers made difficult steps seem rather effortless. But wait until you tried it yourself! Then you would realize such skill was acquired through practice and experience.

While the teachers were happy to share their experience and tips, the parents were equally anxious to impress their teachers. You could see the joy blooming on each parent's face when a five-petal flower was completed. It is quite amazing that equipped with only a few simple tools and the necessary skills, those otherwise discarded left-over cloth could be turned into such attractive and beautiful flowers.

Many thanks to the two ladies for their sharing. Hopefully, our parents also learnt a precious lesson of the benefits of recycling.

Top: Takehana san demonstrating the art of making batik flower

Top left: Takehana san and Kyoko san discussing some details while Peggy (left) listened attentively

Top right: Batik flower making at one corner. "Hai, look how beautiful my flower is" Anna Lum (in red shirt) showing her handicraft to her friends