The Sheltered Workshop was established in August 1997 out of need to provide “sheltered employment” for our graduates of the ETC who were unable to secure jobs in the open market.

The contract job tailored for this program is the packing of condiments for a popular fast food chain's take-away meals. This task is broken down into various steps – filling each plastic bag with a chilli and tomato sachet, a spoon and a piece of serviette, sealing the filled plastic bags and placing a fixed number of them into carton boxes. Quality control is maintained at each step of the process.

Besides the packing job, there are also some ad-doc jobs like labeling of honey bottles, folding promotion leaflets, pasting address labels on envelopes and inserting magazines into envelopes, etc.

The various pictures here show the working in the Sheltered Workshop. All of them enjoy doing their work well.

sheltered workshop

Other Jobs

label honey bottle

Labelling of honey bottles

label plastic bags

Labelling of plastic bags for salt packaging


Plain boxes are written with the packing particulars such as date, number of packets and type of packing (top left). Pakcers sit on both sides of a conveyor. Finished packets are placed on the belts and carried to the front for sealing.

sealing counting


The sealed packets are then checked for defects and packed into plain boxes which are stacked on a trolley.

The finished goods are stored in a container ready for delivery.