The set up of The Laundry Training Centre was sponsored by The Rotary Club of Pudu. They donated a washer and a dryer. The project was officiated by our Patron in October 2002.

Over the years, The Rotary Club of Pudu and some other corporations also helped us to install more machines to cope with the rising demand of washing towels. We started with a washer and a dryer in 2002. By 2006, this section had 3 dryers and 3 washers, capable of washing 3,000 towels in eight hours.

Currently we are washing towels for a hotel, and some spar centres. Trainees are selected to undergo on-the-job training. They famililarize themselves with the whole process of selection - washing - drying - folding. They also take part in the collection and delivery.


Hon Wai doing his daily routine of laundry duty. He is seen here putting already washed towels into a dryer.


The Laundry Process: stained towels are first sorted out for treatment with special chemical. The towels are then loaded into a washer for washing following a preset programme. After washing, the towels are put in a dryer to dry the towels.

Dry towels are folded into specified pattern and tied with string into bundles. The towels are then delivered to our clients.