Our mini scale Organic Farm is to provide an alternative activity for trainees who cannot adapt to sedentary work. Other benefits of this Organic Farm Project are as follows:

This project was fully sponsored by our very staunch supporter Mr. P K Chan and his friends. Mr. P K Chan was invited to officially launch the Organic Garden project on the 14th January 2006. (see Event - January 2006)

Contruction of the Organic Garden started in early 2004 but due to limited resources, it took ten months to complete in October 2004.

It was only in July 2005 that all the 4 growing beds were filled with bayam!

For those trainees who lve outdoor activities, doing gardening work come almost naturally to them.

Activities include making compost heap; packaging organic fertilizer for sale; tending to vegetable plots, watering pot plants, etc.

Re-packing of organic fertilizer involves the reading of weighing scale and lots of patience

Teo Hun takes his reposibility of keeping the compound clean very seriously. He is racking the dry branches and weeds into a heap

With careful tending, the four growing beds are soon filled with vibrant green-leaf vegetables

The following pictures are some of the prodce of our Organic Garden.

Weng Chung and a volunteer building a compost heap

Trainee learns patience and attention to details when re-potting young plant

Involving trainee in harvesting the crop gives him a sense of achievement. Weng Chung learns to pick the right size of bayam to harvest. He also learns to identify different kinds of vegetables