The Employment Training Centre, officially started in March 1995, has been providing training to our members’ children in the necessary work discipline and work skills simulated along the operations of a manufacturing line. The purpose of this training is to prepare them for employment. This program orginally ran for 2 to 2½ years depending on the capabilities of the individual trainees.  Since 2004, on request from members, the training program has been revised to 1-2 years.

Besides doing packing job, trainees are also trained in the various living skills like sweeping and mopping the floor, washing hand towels and hanging them up to dry, arranging tables and chairs in the canteen, etc.

Clock card

Trainees line up to clock out for lunch and after work.

office assistant

"Let me see if you clocked your card correctly." Whui Mei, the Office Assistant, carries out her duty diligently.


Satish Kumar is the cashier. He collects lunch money from the trainees. Satish is very good with arithmatic. He is being supervised by a staff while carrying out his duty.