This is another project under our "Partners in Enterprise" strategy.

We are fortunate to have the support of HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad to help make into reality our dream of having a dedicated area for the trainees to learn the skills of bakery. Ms Elizabeth Wee, Head of Public Affairs, HSBC Bank officially launched the Bakery Training Centre on the 10th June 2004.

The Society hopes that the bakery training centre will be able to create employment opportunities for yet a few more of its trainees. It is our hope to set up outlets to sell our bakery products in the near future.

Mrs. Chia, a member who has many years of experience in the bakery industry, had been the trainer in charge of Perkobp Bakery Training Centre since its inception till October 2007.

Mrs. Chia (blue shirt) with three trainees learning from Mr. Eric Kwan, an expert in bakery, the fine skill of bread making

Trainees trying out their newly acquired skill

Our baking endeavour had its humble beginning in the kitchen where three trainees learned how to bake cakes. Their performance was quite encouraging.

Initial hand-holding to give confidence to the trainees.

Kyoko san (2nd from right) with a group of volunteers from Malaysia Institute of Bakery

The bakery section was temporarily suspended from November 07 for a year because burglars broke into the Bakery Section and took away most essential stainless steel furniture and equipment, rendering the section non operational.

In November 2008, we were lucky to have Mrs. Kyoko Chua to manage the Bakery Section again. However, due to family and other commitments, Kyoko san left in March 09.

From May 09, volunteers have been keeping the Bakery Section alive with activities at least once a week.

We are appealing to persons who are interested in bakery to help manage the Bakery Section at least once a month so our trainees have a chance to learn new baking skills.