The common worry of parents of persons with learning difficulties is how would their special children survive when they are no longer around or unable to look after them. They know they cannot tend to them forever.

As the saying goes: “Give me a fish, I can eat for a day; Teach me to fish, I can eat for a life time." So instead of keeping their special children at home, parents have realized that the best insurance policy is to train their special children to be useful persons, able to do work and live independently. This is also the firm conviction of PERKOBP.

At PERKOBP, we teach our trainees how to fish. All the trainees are involved in activities of a common working person. They are trained in a task until they are used to it and almost become a habit to them. Their progress may be slow but every small improvement made is an individual's own breakthrough and the trainers' satisfaction.

A day at PERKOBP starts at 9.00am. The trainees arrive and clock their cards. Before taking up their positions at the production line, trainees are assigned different tasks such as mopping the production area, sweeping clean the canteen, etc. Then they have a 10-minute exercise before settling down to do their assigned tasks.

There is the usual tea break. Once in the morning and once afternoon. Lunch is from 12.30pm to 1.15pm. Before leaving for home, trainees tidy up their individual working area and then clock their cards out.