Executive Committee 2019-2020

Rikky Lau Weng Cheong

Vice President
Peter Wong You Pa

Hon. Secretary
Sharon Cheng Len Len

Assistant Hon. Sectreary
Anna Lim Bee Nah

Hon. Treasurer
Thong Yoke Yin

Committee Members
Rosnani Ismail
S Sentheranee

Executive Secretary
Chng Cheng Hui



PERKOBP has its origin as an informal support group formed in early 1992 by a group of parents who were concerned with the welfare of their children with learning difficulties. At that time, about twenty-five families took turns to meet in their homes to discuss the needs of their teenaged children who had just completed various training programmes. There were no further services available for them nor could they hold a job because of their learning difficulties. The group got itself registered with the Registrar of Societies as a society on 20th Nov 1993.

Currently, we have about 481 members. Membership is opened to parents/guardians of persons with learning difficulties. Membership form can be obtained from Mr Chng Cheng Hui or Mdm Siew Chooi Cheng at our centre at No: 4, Jalan BK1/9A, Bandar Kinrara 1, 47180, Puchong, Selangor D Ehsan.

Registration fee is RM5.00. Annual membership fee is RM20.00.

The Society is managed by a 7-member executive committee which comprises The President, Vice President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Assistant Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and 2 committee members.

The Society used to hold a general assembly of the members once every 2 months, on the third Saturday evening of the month. A simple halal dinner was provided to members who attended the meeting. However, since beginning 2008, the General Assembly is held once every 3 months, on the third Saturday evening of the month. A simple snack would be provided for attending members.

The Society's AGM is held on the third Saturday of March each year.

         The birth of a good society comes when people start to trust each other,   
                         to share with each other, and to feel concerned for each other – Jean Vanier