Building Progress of PERKOBP Centre

Perspective of New centreAfter 17 years of persistence on the cause of improving the quality of life of persons with learning difficulties through vocational training and employment, members of PERKOBP finally see that their dream is coming true. A centre for persons with learning difficulties. The new centre would provide a better working environment; allow those on the long waiting list to have a chance of being trained; provide respite care to parents via a Day Care Centre; introduce more vocational skills, etc.

The construction of the centre is undertaken by Universal Construction Management with a cost of RM800,000.00 and a contingency provision of RM80,000.00. Completion date is now expected to be by end of 2012.

Clearing of land

Clearing of land started in early November 2010. The land had grown many matured fruit tress like rambutan, mango, Jack fruit, papaya and banana. However, all of them had to give way to the building. The workers said they also found many snakes and tortoises on the land! The following pictures shows the land before and after it had been cleared.

before left b4 centre b4 right

after left after centre after right

Piling Work

Piling work has started 22Nov10 and completed in a week's time.

piling  01 piling 02 piling-complete

Making the Drains

In December 2010, two teams were employed to construct the drains on the right and left side. The drains connect to the monsoon drain in front and would channel away the rain water. (bottom left picture)

Work on the pile spots started just around the 20th December where an excavator was used to dig up the earth surrounding the concrete piles in order to prepare for footing work. Subsequently, a worker was deployed to trim down the piles of all the 25 pile spots.

Making the Pilecaps

Following pictures show the completion of making the pilecaps

pilecap pilecap2

Making the Ground Beams

By 9Jan11, the ground beams were all installed.

ground beamgrd beams a

grd beams a ground beam 2

Making Ground Floor Slab and Pillars


grd slab smoothen grd flr grd pillars formwork

Erecting Truss to Make 1st Floor Formwork

truss 1st flr trust LSview 1st floor truss

Making 1st Floor Slab & Beams

1st flr beams 1st flr formwork 1st flr brc

Making 1st Floor Slab & Formwork for Pillars

1st flr concrete 1st flr beams 1st pillars complete

Pillars and Roof Beams completed

pillars complete roof beams

Constructing the Ground Floor Walls

bricks canteen-bakery brick kitchen-bakery

fv of grd flr wall sw rear view inside sworkshop

Constructing the Entrance wall

Construction site cordoned off by MPSJ

Briefing held on 17th May 2011 at Dewan JKK, Kg. Tengah B

Construction work resumed - March 2015

Plastering wall & roof installation

Fittings & Wiring

Levelling compound

Vocational Units

Tarring & Parking works

Future Update 07